Chipukeezy confesses: “I used to be a thief”

Comedian Chipukeezy nowadays lives in Lavington but he has come a long way to be there.

The comedian recently confessed that back in his Mlolongo days, he used to be a thief. He was hosting singers Sailors on his show on Ebru TV when he made the small confession after one of their lines in their new song Pekejeng.

“Masliver mimi hutake wamlambez, ukianika na anua wamlambez. Meaning they steal silvers and they take clothes when they are hanged on the lines.” Sang Sailors. 


Chipukeezy after hearing the line, he remembered his hard days before he became a Nakada Boss.

“I have ever said it before but I will say it. Actually no I will not say it. But I have ever been a thief. I used to steal silver chains.” he told the kids. 



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