Churchill Comedian attacks Shakilla for saying women expire at 28

Nasra Yusuf, a former Churchill show comic, expressed her disgust with a widely circulated statement made by socialite Shakilla.

Shakilla claimed in an interview that all women pass away at the age of 28, therefore they should be careful with how they spend their 20s.

“Ladies expire faster than men, so if you get an opportunity build yourself a house or even your parents. When a woman reaches 28 or 30 she is done; no matter what you do you are done. The husbands will always look for young people like us so use it well,”

The comment infuriated Nasra, who chose to confront Shakilla, demanding that she be more precise about the group of women who reach menopause between the ages of 28 and 30.

“Nimeskia mahali ati “a ‘woman by 28 and 30 you’re done no matter what you’re doing. Weuh..ati by hii age mtumie opportunities mnapata kujijenga.

I think this only applies to ‘women who use their femininity and their bodies to make it in life. Because if you’re using your femininity it’s true that by 30,hauwezi keep up na mtu wa 19, 20 kuget mwanaume”

She continued by citing several examples of strong women who, despite their advanced age, are still in charge of various industries.

“Beyonce is 41, is she done, Rihanna Is 35, is she done, Oprah Winfrey is 69, is she done? They may not be as energetic as they were before but they’re certainly not done.

Let’s stop misleading women and giving them unnecessary pressure!

Mimi hao nimelist hapo wakikuja Leo waseme as a woman by 30 you’re done, swear I will listen to them and I will consider myself a failure.

But not people that have nothing more to offer than sex appeal,

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