Ciru Muriuki requests financial assistance to provide a fitting farewell for fiancé Ouda

Media personality Ciru Muriuki is reaching out for financial support to give her fiancé, actor Charles Ouda, a respectable farewell. On Wednesday, the former BBC journalist shared a poster outlining how fans and celebrities can contribute to Charlie’s burial expenses. The poster, adorned in all black with gold and white accents, features a cheerful Charlie with his hand resting on his forehead, seemingly amused by something that made him burst into laughter.

“In loving memory of Charlie… Honoring the legacy! Join us in providing a dignified farewell for a cherished legend,” reads part of the post. Digital content creator and actress Foi Wambui, scriptwriter, movie producer, and director Abel Mutua, and emerging actor Kabugi are among the creatives who have shared Charlie’s fundraising poster.

Foi urged netizens to contribute whatever they could, acknowledging that funerals can be costly. “Funerals are hella expensive, and we really MUST give Charles a beautiful send-off. Please help the family by sending whatever contribution you can to the paybill number,” Foi wrote on her Instagram stories. She expressed disbelief, stating that everything still felt surreal, and she was struggling to accept the reality of her friend’s departure.


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Abel, while sharing the post, said a prayer for Charles, trusting that the actor would journey well into the afterlife and find peace. Friends and fans have been offering words of encouragement and virtual hugs to Ciru since she posted the appeal, consoling her as she grapples with the loss of her fiancé.

Homicide investigators have taken over the investigation into the sudden passing of actor Charles Ouda. A team from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters visited the scene in Westlands, Nairobi, as part of the ongoing inquiry. While the cause of death remains undisclosed, there are speculations, including possible suicide, being explored. The circumstances surrounding the incident have prompted the involvement of the homicide team in the investigation.

Charles Ouda, known for his roles in popular shows like “Makutano Junction,” “Junction Junior,” “Second Family,” and “Salem,” appeared to be in good spirits on the last day he was seen alive. According to acquaintances, he had no known illnesses. He was last spotted attending a party for the cast of Maisha Magic’s ‘Salem Show.’ The family of Charles ‘Charlie’ J. Ouda and Ciru Muriuki announced his passing on Sunday, revealing that he was 38 years old at the time of his death.

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