Comedian YY has responded to Kibe saying he was cuckolded

Kibe is not the nicest of men when it comes to passing a message and he decided to warn the comedian, YY that his wife might have cuckolded him with his friend and fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

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And though he was speaking on the rather uncanny similarity between Butita and YY’s newborn child, the way he went around it was rather jarring cos honestly, who openly blasts someone with such information on social media?

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YY has finally responded to Kibe and he simply said no one should expect him to be triggered by what the latter said because he understands that it’s simply his way of generating content.


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His approach is rather enlightened. he clearly has a great sense of humour and we wish all our celebrities would be like this. Afterall,, It was YY who put out his information first when he posted this piece of content:


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Kibe however isn’t wrong when he tells YY to go for a paternity test because that is something we all need to do as men. In Kenya, 30 per cent of the men who do go for one find out that their children aren’t theirs biologically and they’ve been cuckolded into raising another man’s bastards.


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