Corazon Kwamboka shown Kenyans aren’t her allies

Image: Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka has learnt a lesson every celebrity needs to be taught or understand; Kenyans aren’t your allies and they only follow you so they can live vicariously through you.

‘Why Do Kenyans Have So Much Hate?’ Corazon Kwamboka Hits Back After Being Trolled For Posting A Throwback Photo

Allow us to set the stage so you understand what it is we are going to be speaking about in today’s opinion piece and this should allow you to relate better.

Corazon Kwamboka
Corazon Kwamboka flaunting curves post baby

Corazon and Frankie Just Gym it are a couple. That isn’t news to anyone because they have been together long enough to sire a son.

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However, when they first started dating, Frankie’s ex-wife came through to accuse her of being a homewrecking Jezebel who had infected her once-happy home with succubus energy and destroyed it.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spending time with son Taiyari

Corazon Kwamboka’s new man wasn’t spared either as Maureen Waititu focused all her wrath at the couple rather than introspect to see what it was she had done that had contributed to the failure of her marriage.

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We were treated to all sorts of lies from Maureen that were easily dispelled and Kenyans seemed to be on Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It’s side of the divide.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu finds love

But now, all that seems to be in the past as Kenyans happily attacked the former socialite and trollop (we know she is a former heaux because her own father came out to accuse her of being one) and it was all over some photos.

Frankie Just Gym It has exposed how immature his ex Maureen Waititu really was

Kwamboka posted her throwback photos of her in New York. This was seen as a move to dampen the energy Maureen Waititu was getting after she posted her own photos of herself on holiday with her supposed new boyfriend in Bogota Columbia.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

The internets are upset with Corazon as a result of this and they mocked her savagely with afew onlookers who could maintain neutrality in this feud wondering how quickly Kenyans switch up.

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This is the moral of the story: Kenyans do not support anyone. Just look at our politics. We are spineless and lack conviction. We simply support the most relevant celebrity of the day.

Frankie Just Gym IT

There are no Beyonce beehive stans or Nicki Minaj Barbies. If you want a Kenyan’s loyalty online, set up a social media account for your dog -and if it is a Kenyan mutt, my prayers are with you.

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