Diamond on Ali Kiba Poaching His Employees: “I Have No Problem”

Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz has responded to his rival Ali Kiba’s recent strategy of recruiting staff from his Wasafi Media.

In March, Ali Kiba launched Crown Media, a radio and television station, a move seen by fans of both artists as the latest escalation in their long-standing rivalry.


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Since its inception, Crown Media has been actively hiring talent from major competitors such as Wasafi Media, EFM, and Clouds FM, causing quite a stir.

Addressing the issue of losing his staff, Diamond expressed that he harbors no resentment, viewing it as a sign of growth for those individuals.

“When someone leaves one job for another, it usually means they’ve been offered a better opportunity. I see nothing wrong with that; it’s a positive thing. Any sensible person would move to a better offer if given the chance,” Diamond stated.

He emphasized that he isn’t troubled by employees transitioning to Crown Media, as he supports their growth and success.

“I genuinely don’t have a problem with someone leaving Wasafi Media for Crown Media because we all aim to improve our lives,” he affirmed.


Ali Kiba launches “Crown Media,” expanding his business

The radio industry remains highly lucrative in Tanzania, with numerous celebrities showing interest in joining, and Ali Kiba already actively participating.

In December 2022, Diamond’s longtime manager, Sallam Sharaff, also entered the business by launching his own radio station, Mjini FM.

The launch of Mjini FM, with SK Salam as the managing director, sparked rumors of a rift between him and Diamond. Tanzanian blogs speculated that Diamond was displeased with SK Salam’s move to start a competing station, suggesting this as the reason they hadn’t been seen together recently, contrary to their usual pattern.

SK Salam later clarified that their public absence did not reflect a lack of communication, dispelling the rumors of discord.

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