Diamond Platnumz Ignites Clout Allegations With Zari Hassan After Sharing Cosy Photo

Image: Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has once again created a buzz on social media after uploading a photo with the mother of his children, Zari Hassan.

The photo, which was uploaded on Diamond’s Instagram account, shows the two smiling and posing together. It was posted just a few weeks after Zari had attacked Diamond with vulgar words about talking about her during the reality show Young, African, and Famous.

The photo quickly went viral, with many fans speculating that it was a sign that the two had reconciled. However, others believe that it was simply a publicity stunt to promote the second season of the reality show.

Diamond has not commented on the photo, but he did thank all of the cast members of the show for making it an international trend.

The second season of Young, African, and Famous premiered on May 19, 2023, and has been met with mixed reviews. Some fans have praised the show for its authenticity, while others have criticized it for being too staged.

Regardless of the reviews, the show has certainly been a success for Diamond. It has helped to raise his profile internationally and has generated a lot of buzz for his music.

It remains to be seen whether Diamond and Zari have actually reconciled, but the photo has certainly generated a lot of interest in the show.

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