Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

Diamond Platnumz has lived to enjoy quite the storied experience of this thing called love in its multiple forms from pure unadulterated lust to love.

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This ofcourse has resulted in many a love-child. One of whom, interestingly, he has never gotten to meet in the flesh and has no idea how she looks. She would be his eldest child.

mama diamond, diamond and tanasha

From there we have been treated to the twisting and stretching of his and Zari Hassan’s relationship that started almost as if by mistake when she conceived their first child just weeks after meeting and then ended with a black rose post on her Instagram account.

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After that, we were treated to his short-lived relationship with Hamisa Mobetto. This was undoubtedly the darkest but seemingly most passionate public relationship Diamond Platnumz has ever had. It started while he was still with Zari. Mondi as Tanzanians call him, decided to dabble in some Hamisa p-sleeve and risk his marriage (by that point, he was in a common-law marriage to Zari). The affair was a torrid one that even saw Hamisa release a song revealing what she felt was her humiliation and suffering at the hands of Diamond Platnumz’mother.

diamond platnumz with his mother and child

And this then gave ways to afew flings and sexual sortés before Tanasha Donna arrived. That saw some more toxicity get blamed on Diamond’s mother even as she took to calling her grandson by the Kenyan lass, “Big Head”.

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At the end of the day, given the fact that Diamond’s father was nowhere to be seen as he grew up, we cannot put any blame on him for the faulty manner in which Diamond Platnumz learnt to love. That is to say, outside of the abandonment issues he saddled his son with. The other issues Diamond Platnumz displays in his relationships are down to what he learnt from his mother.

The fact that he sees no reason to be upfront with his lasses, instead of sneaking around behind their backs and then surprising them with a love-child is something that we can only assume he picked up from mummy dearest. That is why even his sisters have issues that see them compete for and then marry men already married. They then go ahead to insult their co-wives rather than try to create a harmonious familial background for themselves and their children.

diamond platnumz sister and mother

In diamond’s case he has a strong attachment to his mother that looks like a dependency issue for those of us looking in from the outside which would explain why he is willing to blow apart his families when the women fall afoul of his mother.

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Even his insistence of forcing his mother’s beliefs on his children like when he had his youngest son, Tanasha’s child befitted with a charm to protect him from evil spirits… And we all kinda know that is a Diamond Platnumz thing because in the past he has been accused of visiting witchdoctors…

It really is easy to see which bad habits Diamond Platnumz has that are promoted and encouraged by his maternal parent unit. The same marital issues that plagued her with Diamond’s father seem to plague her son with his multiple women that go beyond his willingness to abandon them.


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