Diana Marua needs to stop discussing her marriage to Bahati

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Diana Marua is the reason no one takes Bahati seriously as a politician which is a horrible fact for his political ambitions but the fact was made abundantly clear when Edwin Sifuna said he would be apologizing to her and not him.

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The reason his disrespect was that brazen is he, like the rest of us, understands that the power dynamic is clearly in her hands and she does indeed call the shots. While this is a great thing for feminists and their female empowerment schpill, it is absolutely terrible for him as a man or even as an aspiring leader.

But thing is, Bahati is not a leader because we can tell he doesn’t lead his own marriage. He is a tamer, more localized version of Will Smith and no amount of chest-thumping and Twitter insults will change this fact. And the fact that he hasn’t realised his wife’s penchant for publicising their marriage is the biggest reason for this perception is telling.

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Diana Marua is sadly, always taking us through the dynamics of their marriage and whenever she does so, we do not get to see just how strong her husband is as a man. If anything, the opposite is true. She recently spoke about the earlier years of their marriage (the first two years) and what she described as an indecisive manlet. He didn’t know whether to stay or to leave her. Why? Were there legit reasons for him to leave? If that’s the case then why didn’t he? Because he is scared of public sentiment?

Gospel artiste, Kevin Bahati

Or how about the fact Bahati is always wearing her clothes. What is that crossdressing supposed to prove? That he is more comfortable in his wife’s panties and dresses than he is wearing the pants in his house? No wonder whenever she praises him it feels like a disingenuine attempt at propping up his masculinity.

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And now we can come back to his political ambitions. The fact that there was a muted uproar about the travesty he was subjected to says a lot about his support base. The fact that he decided to cry on camera and frame himself as the victim was also very telling. And off0putting. Bahati is not ready to become a national leader. He is weak and not very good at being a man.

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And a great solution for him would be for him to actually look for masculine mentors who can teach him how to get better at being a man. And it should go without saying that while we all deal with emotions, there is a masculine way to actually deal with emotions and it does not involve him calling a press-conference to start crying and bitching. They also need a PR team around them charged with making him look like less of a weak pansy and more like a man in the making.

What next for Bahati?

Or perhaps he is praying for a political appointment should Azimio La Umoja win? Maybe that’s what he’s playing at but this is not the way to go about it. Because we have seen these games get played out on the political arena with the likes of MC Jesse who responded to UDA giving away his UDA ticket in a very commendable and brave way.

Whatever Diana Marua and Bahati decide to do, they cannot allow her to continue to set the narrative of their love story. She is framing this man as a weak, ineffectual simp who needs constant propping because he is a bumbling uh… Yeah, I think you get the point I’m trying to make.


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