Diana Marua’s younger sister reveals how terrified she was to be a teen mum of twins at only 19 years (Video)

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Diana Marua’s sister Michelle aka ‘D Eimos’ is looking back at her life — including the hurdles she had to overcome as a teenage mother. Speaking in a new video shared on Diana Bahati’s YouTube channel, the small sister not only opens up about the mistakes she made back then; but also uses the platform to reach out to young women.

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According to the contents of the video – we learn that Michelle got pregnant at 19 years; and at this time she was still in campus. With the pregnancy growing each and every passing day, Michelle says she had no option but inform her strict dad; since she could conceal the pregnancy anymore.

The young mum who was blessed with twins back then says her dad learnt about the pregnancy at 5 months; and unlike her expectations, her old man did not quarrel nor insult her. Michelle however says all he needed to know is whether she had plans to continue with school or not.

Diana Marua

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Lessons learnt and not forgotten

But being a smart lady who missed a step in life; Michelle reassured him that she would get back to school after the babies were born. What she did not know is that life gets more tough once the babies are born. In the interview the young mum says that things got crazy since her babies had colic.

Diana Marua who was present right after the birth of the twins went on to add saying the situation was crazy; to a point where she almost became a walking zombie due to sleepless nights caused by the twins.

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Michelle on the other hand was just a step away from postpartum depression from all the crying; and struggles of breasting twins. With all she faced back then, Michelle used this opportunity to warn young women against rushing into having sex at a young age.

According to Michelle, it’s just not worth it. This is because she learnt from her own experience of walking into motherhood while still a child. But all in all, her support system helped her pull through – but looking back she wishes things turned out differently.

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