Disclosed! President Uhuru Kenyatta among the major contributors to Ringtone Apoko´s massive wealth

Controversial gospel musician, Ringtone Apoko discloses that President Uhuru´s input is a significant player in his amassed wealth.

Exclusively on K24´s Upclose with Betty, he reveals how his fortunes multiplied back in 2013 after making a deal with President Uhuru.

Music pays.

I made a lot of money in 2013 when President Uhuru Kenyatta used my song.


Further disclosing how massive the deal was, making Ksh 500,000 daily resulting into roughly Ksh 45 Million for 3 good months.

Can you imagine you have a campaign for example 90 days where you are being paid like Ksh500,000 every day?

That is a lot of money.

The publicity-stunt singer got robbed off after his house in Runda got overturned, but further unveils:

…at times I live in Karen and on other days I come to Runda.”


The flashy gospel singer proudly owns 2 houses in high-end suburbs of Karen and Runda.


Additionally flaunting fact that he hails from areas where the gospel industry big wigs dwell in;

Likes of Prophet Owuor, Evangelist Pius Muiru, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru and the Kiuna´s.


The outspoken artist however opened up about a controversy he had with his neighbors in Karen articulating:

Mimi niliandikiwa barua na watu wa Karen.

Nikafeel they are being unfair because wananiambia I do away with my cows.

Hao watu wanafuga tumbili, nyoka na farasi.

Lakini hawataki mimi kama kijana wa kutoka slum mwenye anafuga ng’ombe.

Wanakunywa maziwa na wanakula nyama.

Ringtone however clarifies that the wealth he flaunts is all attributed to his hard work and prayer.


When it comes to a life partner, he stated that he is on the journey of finding one, at times, carrying placards routing for one.


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