Dishon Mirugi arrested for the murder of Pastor Elizabeth Githinji

Reports just reaching us have it that gospel singer Mirugi Dishon has been arrested for the murder of Pastor Elizabeth Githinji by DCI officers and is set to be arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts.

Dishon Mirugi UPDATE: Dead Pastor sent chilling message to sister

This followed a breakthrough in the case that has catapulted him from being a person of interest to being an outright suspect. DCI sleuths who took over the investigations claim to have discovered that the late pastor sent a message from her phone to her sister saying that the musician was reportedly threatening to kill her.

Crime scene photos of the wardrobe Dishon claims his ex-lover hang herself from

In addition to that information, it was discovered she had 2 O.B slips proving she had reported the gospel singer for threats against her life.

Popular Kikuyu gospel singer reportedly drove around with dead body in car for entire day

We had previously reported that in a statement made by the gospel singer at Kiamumbi police station, the deceased who was his former love interest had paid him a visit at his Kahawa West home on Saturday before she committed suicide.

Crime scene photos of the wardrobe Dishon claims his ex-lover hang herself from

But before all that, she delivered his suit which he’d left in Nakuru then proceeded to clean his house and clothes which were in quite a state. As this was happening, Mirugi Dishon left the house to run some errands on Thika Rd.

Personal responsibility: Pastor Elizabeth Githinji took herself to die in Dishon Mirugi’s house

Upon his return, he couldn’t find hair nor hide of her and all his calls to her cell phone were unanswered. But as he continued to search his house, he stumbled upon her remains in his closet where she has allegedly hung herself with a bedsheet.

He then retrieved her body and that was when he began driving around with her remains as the first place he took her, Jacaranda Maternity Home refused to accept her remains. So Dishon Mirugi drove with her to the Kahawa West police station where he was once again turned away and advised to seek help at Kasarani police station.

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