Diva the Bawse discloses her affair with Alikiba during his marriage.

Renowned Tanzanian media personality Diva The Bawse has revealed details about her past relationship with Bongo Flava star Alikiba, which unfolded while he was still married to his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef.

Diva, currently employed by Alikiba’s rival Diamond Platnumz as a radio presenter on Wasafi FM and TV, disclosed her clandestine love affair with Alikiba, which spanned many years, dating back to her tenure as a presenter at Clouds FM.

Despite their deep bond, Diva and Alikiba managed to keep their relationship concealed from the public eye for an extended period.

“Alikiba and I shared a profound connection, which is why our breakup was so tumultuous. We were compatible in many ways, allowing us to keep our relationship discreet for years,” Diva confessed.

She clarified that she had been involved with Alikiba even before he met his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef, with whom he recently ended a troubled three-year marriage.

“I was with Alikiba before his marriage. Our relationship was covert and hidden. However, when he got married, our romantic involvement ceased,” Diva revealed.

One of the factors contributing to their split was Diva’s reluctance to settle down with Alikiba at that juncture of her life.

“I wasn’t ready for marriage then, despite his proposal. I was young and not prepared to be a wife,” she explained.

Following Amina’s divorce filing in 2022, Diva and Alikiba rekindled their romance, assuming that he was now single. However, Diva learned that Alikiba had not completed his divorce proceedings with Amina.

“When I discovered that he was still legally married, I decided to end things. I made it clear that I had never been Alikiba’s mistress,” Diva affirmed.

Diva asserted that Alikiba reacted angrily to her decision to leave him due to his lack of transparency regarding the divorce.

“This pattern repeats itself in my relationships. Whenever I try to end things, I face opposition and attacks. If I persist, I am met with hostility,” she lamented.

Having moved on to a new relationship, Diva stated that she no longer harbors any romantic feelings for Alikiba.

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