DJ Fatxo wins Mugithi Award even as Jeff Mwathi investigation proceeds

Image: Dj Fatxo

This one is going to rob a lot of people the wrong way. DJ Fatxo just got awarded the Mugithi artist of the Year award by e360 awards.

Jeff Mwathi evidence doctored? What does DJ Fatxo know?

It is unclear still whether this is a troll award or whether it was legitimately earned.

What is however a very clear is the fact that it has rubbed people the wrong way with many bringing up the fact that DJ Fatxo you still under investigation over the mysterious death of Jeff Mwathi.

3 key lessons to learn from the DJ Fatxo situation

DJ Fatxo easier to respond today’s recent win as he has been rather in active on social media since the public caught wind of this death.

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