DJ Mo smitten as he shares personal new photos of wife, Pastor Size 8 Reborn

Image: Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

The Muraya’s have not been having an easy time following Size 8’s video where she is performing exorcism of demons during a church service, something many have turned into a joke.

Judging from most comments, fans feel that Size 8 reborn may have exaggerated the exorcism stunt – maybe because they’ve seen the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, Kanyari and others do the same. But again – who are we to judge?

Why Size 8 is receiving backlash for exorcising demons

DJ Mo sweetly adores wife

Anyway with that going on social media, DJ Mo has come out to prove that despite everything said about his wife – he remains in love with her and is supportive of her ministry.

He did this by unveiling new photos ogling his wife and admiring her – just like the first time he set his eyes on her.

DJ Mo standing with wife

On the photos, DJ Mo is seen starring back at his wife ‘big assets’ which he refers to as his password… and yea – fans loved it!

Checking out my PASSWAORD ????…#TheMurayas

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

Playful DJ Mo with wifeMaybe because they’ve seen the couple go through tough times together and even at some point were the talk of town following DJ Mo expose done by side chick through Edgar Obare’s page.

The Murayas

The scandal convinced many that Size 8 would walk out of her marital home following husband’s betrayal, but to our surprise the pastor stood strong with hubby and was willing to work through their issues.

Size 8 sticks by husband’s side despite cheating scandal

Since then, the two have tried to keep their marriage off social media – and so far, they look quite happy and supportive of each other.

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