DJ Mo needs to find a job to regain his masculinity

Image: DJ Mo playing with wife

Following the Scandal involving DJ Mo, he was fired and has since not held a job. As if that weren’t bad enough, he has sat by and watched his wife star continue to shine brighter and brighter. And it’s high time he finds a job to not only regain his masculinity but save his marriage as well.

The sex scandal that he got himself embroiled in was more than enough to dent his career at Nation Media Group and since then he has failed to find a niche that suits him and reclaim his throne. As a result we have watched his star continue to dwindle.

DJ Mo and Ringtone exchange blows at Panari Hotel

Meanwhile, DJ Mo’s wife, Size 8, has seen her brand grow to Such great heights that not a month has gone by with her lacking endorsement deals. A gospel career to has been flourishing and she’s now an ordained minister of the church. It’s not only safe to say she’s the biggest superstar, but she’s also the breadwinner.

This means his marriage is treading very precarious ground. We get it men provide and protect and when a man can no longer provide his ego takes I hit. And someone comes in to recover. Muraya seems to be one of those. He seems to have accepted that his wife is now in the driving seat and all he seems to be doing is lounging. He’s gone from being an a name celebrity to being almost irrelevant. And I’m being nice.

Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

If DJ Mo wants to save his marriage if he wants to save his masculinity then he needs to get up and jump into action. Divorce data actually shows that divorce is more often and not likely when the wife begins to out on her husband. And he has been in this position for 2 years how much more time does he have?

Women are naturally hypergamous and this puts a clock on how much longer he has to keep calling Size 8 his “wife”. You need to stop joking about and actually get serious about a hustle something that he’s passionate enough about to build into a lucrative business.

Preacher Size 8

The only thing DJ Mo needs to have bearing on his mind is ” tick tock tick tock” the sound of a clock. Because when the bell tolls he didn’t ask for whom it peels.

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