DJ Mo vs DJ Sadic according to Size 8’s husband

DJ Mo, a prominent figure in the Kenyan Urban Gospel scene, has addressed rumors of a feud with fellow industry colleague DJ Sadic, setting the record straight on their relationship.

Speculations about a rift between the two influential urban gospel DJs have been circulating among their fanbase, leading to concerns about a possible disagreement that could have strained their longstanding partnership.

In an open interview with TV 47, DJ Mo provided clarity on the matter, shedding light on the depth of his friendship with DJ Sadic and their collaborative journey in the music industry.

“We have been friends since day one. I started deejaying a year before him because he was completing his form four studies before venturing into deejaying. I even mentored him in the advanced aspects of deejaying. We both joined System Unit and gradually established an academy together,” DJ Mo revealed.

He further disclosed that their collaboration extended beyond deejaying to include their involvement in System Unit, where they not only sharpened their skills but also nurtured talent through their jointly developed academy.

Despite taking divergent paths later on, with DJ Sadic founding Genius Entertainment Group, DJ Mo emphasized that their friendship remains intact.

“There is no animosity between us. In fact, we are discussing the possibility of him assisting me with training, considering his physical transformation,” clarified DJ Mo, dispelling any notions of discord.

DJ Mo and his wife, gospel singer Size 8, are gearing up to return to the screens with their new reality show, “Love in the Wild,” which will be featured as part of TV 47’s original programming lineup.

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