DK Kwenye Beat flaunts massive weight loss in new body progress photos

For years DK Kwenye Beat has been trolled for his body weight; and for some reason – he kept ignoring until a while back when he embarked on a new fitness journey.

His recent pictures show a lot of visible progress, and his fans have been quick to congratulate him for taking such good care of his body.

DK Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat himself seems proud of what he has accomplished as well, and while the artist did not say much in the comments under his photos; it was clear that he was in a good place in his head. He captioned one of the photos;

Commitment leads to action. so far so Good

Living healthy lifestyle for family

Now that DK is a father and a husband – the young man clearly has no choice but to put his people first; and this means – cleaning out his old eating habits and embarking on a healthier lifestyle.

Since the birth of his daughter, the fella has also been maintaining a low profile; and while his friends i.e Mr Seed drown in scandals – DK is busy being a father and husband to his family.

Below are a few of the new photos showing the massive body loss.

DK’s weight loss
DK’s body transformation

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