‘Do I Look Like A R*pist?’ Willy Paul Cries Foul Following Allegations Made Against Him (Video)

Willy Paul has shown resentment after the latest allegations made against him by Diana Marua. The controversial singer has delivered his harangue to Diana through a video; where he has cried foul. Pozze shared his side of the story, claiming that he did not attempt to rape Diana; and maintained that Diana’s allegations are surreptitiously orchestrated to tarnish his name; in addition to chasing clout.

””I was not surprised when one of my many enemies, D, identified this vulnerability and capitalized on it, all aimed at destroying me and my career… She wants to grow her new found music career, otherwise why would she show up with fictitious allegations?…”

In his video, Pozze swore that he has never attempted to rape a woman in his life. This is not the first time he has had such allegations made against him.

”Kama nadanganya mbele ya mama yangu na watoto wangu, kitu ifanyike, I swear. Si uambie tu watu ukweli. Why are you lying bana?

”Whatever is happening right now, si kitu ya kawaida na si kitu ndogo. Na kama haitakuwa addressed the right way, inaeza end up kuumiza msee.”

Watch Willy Paul’s full video below as he complains about being accused falsely;

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