Don’t blame me for your failed m,arriage – Ali Kiba’s rumoured lover hits back at wife

Niffer, an entrepreneur from Tanzania, has spoken candidly about his relationship with Ali Kiba.

She claims that the two have been friends and adds that she wouldn’t want it any other way if given the chance.

Niffer discussed this with Millard Ayo in an interview.

” I am young and I have a long journey ahead. I do not know who I might end up getting married to that’s why I would not want to ruin another person’s marriage.

I do not know about his (Ali Kiba’s) marriage. We are doing nothing wrong. 

I am not the reason their marriage is breaking. “

Niffer claims that, in contrast to popular belief, she and Kiba were close friends long before he rose to fame.

“Ali Kiba has a very big space in my life, He has played a big part in who I am today.

He is a good person to me. He holds 60% of space in my life.”

I love him so much and I respect him so much and wish him luck in all his business. He is a good person to me and to the society.”

According to Niffer, she once had an unintentional relationship with a married man, who she has since blocked after learning of his marital status.


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