Don’t Settle Just For Money, Amira Shows Women How It’s Done

Jimal Roho Safi’s ex-wife Amira has been making boss moves ever since the two went their separate ways. Jimal was rumoured to have chased her away from their home after things went haywire between them. Their separation was expedited by the relationship between Amber Ray & the flamboyant businessman.

They kept their relationship surreptitious, but not for long. Amira came to learn about it; and a series of endless drama ensued.

Amira would later decide to walk away from all the drama and focus on building herself. She started off by going on vacation. She started her own business, et cetera. In fact, according to Amira, marriage makes one look dull and she doesn’t fancy it anymore.

The mother of two is now building a house for herself. She flaunted the progress via her social media. It’s needless to say, breaking up with Jimal was a reason for motivation.

Lesson Learnt

For all we know, not many women would have the strength of moving on, especially from a rich man who is giving you all kinds of lavish lifestyles.

It was obviously a shrewd move by Amira to focus on herself. And other women who are entangled in toxic relationships just because of their rich husbands should pull out. Amira has set a good example.

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