Drama ensues after tables turn on Otile Brown for allegedly dismissing Jovial prematurely

Otile Brown´s record first signee, Jovial announced her exit from the label just last week but she now pins the blame on him.

The lass came to light after dropping a collabo with the ´Just In Love´ founder before becoming the first signee in his label.

However, soon after the two were done doing their´thing´ which is basically smashing hits in the secular world, she ditched him for greener pastures.

Unfortunately, ´Chaguo la moyo´ singer put in so much into his starlet to the point of gifting her a brand new Mazda just to ease her movements.

But soon after spoiling her, she walked away.


The blame

In a bid to clear her name, Jovial explains:

David Guoro who is the CEO of Hailemind Entertainment is just my manager.

I don’t intend to be signed anywhere.

Further clarifying that Otile actually ended her contract prematurely due to some confidential differences.

I wish to clarify that I didn´t quit @OtileBrown´s Just In Love record label.

It´s him who ended my contract after some disagreements which are confidential.

Am also not signed by any record label.

David Guoro is just my manager.


Otile Brown is however yet to air his side of the story.


Fans are however not buying the story as a bigger percentage is actually confused about the entire drama unfolding:

That statement needs clarification as well. I think @jovial_ke should clarify further if they mutually agreed to end the contract or did @otilebrown end the contract? It’s business and as expected if we disagree on business side of things we can agree on mutually ending a contract. Both parties are okay with the decision. However, it doesn’t sit well when she points out that @otilebrown ended her contract prematurely! Can you please clarify this. Thank you.


Wasani wakenya jamani????

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