Drama in Kibera: Pritty Vishy Wades into Stevo Simple Boy’s Relationship Woes

The Kenyan entertainment scene is buzzing with speculation surrounding Stevo Simple Boy’s relationship with his fiance, Grace Atieno. Rumors of infidelity and a possible pregnancy from another man have cast a shadow over their engagement.

Adding fuel to the fire, Pritty Vishy, Stevo’s ex-girlfriend, took to social media with cryptic posts hinting at insider knowledge of the situation. Through veiled Instagram stories and comments, she seemingly mocked Stevo and Grace, suggesting the situation is worse than what the public perceives.

Pritty’s posts allude to a complex history involving accusations of infidelity from both Stevo and Pritty herself. She further insinuates that Grace initially pursued Stevo for financial reasons, only to be disappointed by his management and perceived lack of wealth.

While Pritty’s claims remain unconfirmed, they add another layer to the already intricate narrative surrounding Stevo and Grace’s relationship. It’s important to note that these are just allegations, and both Stevo and Grace have the right to address them in their own time.

It’s also crucial to approach this situation with sensitivity and avoid perpetuating harmful gossip. The complexities of relationships and personal struggles should be respected, regardless of the individuals involved.

Instead of focusing on speculation and negativity, perhaps we can turn our attention to the music and artistry that brought Stevo Simple Boy and Grace Atieno together in the first place. Ultimately, the strength of their bond will be determined by how they navigate this challenging phase, not by the rumors swirling around them.

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