Eric Omondi arrested AGAIN

Eric Omondi has been arrested once more as he carried out his own protests. And this time round the police weren’t joking around, they teargassed him for good measure before arresting him.

Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

The comedian has been carrying out demonstrations parallel to those being held by Azimio Coalition. But the reception is not the same. So far, Eric Omondi has only been arrested but today police decided to unleshe even more to send a message.

Eric has been having demonstrations that have featured a gimmick including taking unemployed Kenyans’ CVs to Riggy G’s office and it has been a great way to get attention but a lot of career politicians have been mocking his protests and asking him not to bring jokes to serious business.

Eric Omondi attacks David Ndii

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