Eric Omondi demands paternity test before accepting Jackie Maribe’s son as his

Image: Jacque Maribe with Eric Omondi and their son, Zahari

The long-standing controversy about the paternity of her son, whose father is thought to be comedian Eric Omondi, has been addressed by media personality Jacque Maribe.

This comes after Eric discussed the challenges in identifying the real biological father of Jacque’s son in an interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM. He announced that he and his partner Lynne are expecting their first child together soon.

“Mr and Mrs K were just chilling, then boom. I don’t know why people are calling and texting about someone named Eric talking about you. Let me respond for the last time. Nimechoka na hii ujinga. I’ve kept quiet for long. This liar called Eric should come correct or I come with receipts. And that’s on period.”

But Eric Omondi has fired back at her brazen words saying he cannot be called anyone’s father before a paternity test ascertains the fact:

“For seven years, I have begged Jacque to allow us to have a DNA test, and she has continually refused! I don’t mind supporting the child, but if you want me to be fully present and supportive, if you want me to be a father, then we have to do the right thing!”

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