Eric Omondi exposed as broke and unable to pay off debts

Image: Eric Omondi

Word making rounds on social media is that most your favorite celebrities have debts all over town and can’t seem to pay up on time. So far we’ve seen the likes of Diana Marua, Kibanja; to a notorious Tanasha Donna known to dodge all her debts – just because she is a celebrity.

Eric Omondi and Ms P

With the women well represebted, looks like a male celebrity just joined the bandwagon; and word has it that Eric Omondi doesn’t pay off his debts. Not that he hasn’t been rumored to be broke before – but this time around the person accusing him of refuting to pay his debt came with receipts!

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According to one Designer Melina who is responsible for Eric Omondi’s unique outfits; she claims the fella apparently owes her around 339,900 which he is yet to settle. From  the shared DM screenshots shared by Edgar, fans can see how the designer exposes Eric Omondi despite them being close. Reaching out to Edgar for help, the designer wrote;

Adding that despite having tried talking to him in private concerning the matter; Eric Omondi always found excuses to avoid paying the debt he owes.

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He however was forced to pay at least Ksh 100k after they threatened to expose him – now that that things on the designers side we’re getting tricky.

Fun and games

So out of the Ksh 339900 he owes, Omondi only settled a third of it and since then the designer says he has been dodging the rest of the payments.

For instance at one point he gave an excuse of how his house was broken into and all his money stolen…okay, come on Eric; but again can you blame him for his comic ways?

Well – with this new exposè on Eric fans can’t tell whether it’s one of his social media stunts; or is genuine cry from a designer whose been robbed blind – but having him not say anything shows there some guilt somewhere!

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