Eric Omondi Gets Emotional As He Vows To Continue With His Quest To Fight For Poor Kenyans

Eric Omondi was yesterday arrested for the third time in his efforts to fight for poor Kenyans. The jester took matters into his own hands and decided to go to Parliament using a hand-cart loaded with Kenyans’ CV’s

Eric’s first arrest occurred on February 21st, where he led demonstrations on the high cost of living. He was arrested for the second time on March 1 at City Stadium, where he distributed packets of unga to Kenyans.

Yesterday, he was arrested once again as he pulled a cart loaded with cartons of CVs along Uhuru Highway, heading towards State House to present them to President William Ruto, who is currently out of the country.

I could not gather the three million CVs from the jobless youths, so I requested that they send all their CVs, which I printed and was going to present to the president.

“I chose to use the handcart, which is the symbol of the mwananchi right now because of the hardships he is going through to make money,”Eric said.

An emotional Eric continued to admonish the Government to listen to his cry and Kenyans’ too. He continued;

”You will not change the conversation. People are suffering. As long as God is living and I’m alive, you will regret… No Government is more powerful than the people. Listen to my voice, take heed if you’re smart. ”

Eric vowed to continue with his quest until a solution is found. Watch his full video below;

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