Eric Omondi missed a golden chance to push his political agenda

Eric Omondi seems to believe that he will make it in politics on his own. That is the message he has passed -whether intentionally or unintentionally- by not taking a stand with the rest of Kenyans during the cost of living demonstrations.

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We have all seen him try and initiate his own mass action when he led protesters to parliament to decry the price of maize meal, something that helps Kenyans make their staple meal, Ugali.

Eric Omondi

At the time, he was commended by more than just his followers on social media as even Raila Odinga lent his voice to agitate for his release when he was arrested.

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The conventional thinking is that if he really wants to have his message heard, then he needs to do so by attaching himself to a vehicle that can amplify that voice.

Eric Omondi

Given he is protesting against the government, he cannot side by them. That puts him in the opposition bracket. So why is he recalcitrant? That remains an unanswered question.

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Perhaps he is aware that were he to tuck himself under Raila’s wing, he would be subsumed. Maybe Eric Omondi doesn’t want his voice to be drowned out.


And that isn’t anything to scoff at. It’s a real concern because he wants to stand and be counted. He wants to be seen as a young person fighting for change. Time will tell whether Eric Omondi has used the right approach or not.

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