Eric Omondi Opens Up On Intentions Of Going Global With Wife Material Show

Eric’s Wife Material Show season two has been highly anticipated by most following the immense drama that occurred during its premiership. The show has been compared to Big Brother Africa. It had already started to capture a good number of people, both in East and Central Africa. Comedian Eric Omondi  has now opened up on his intention of planning to grow the show globally. After revealing that season one was scripted, Eric had most netizens doubting the show.

Even though he hinted at scripting season two, most people are eagerly waiting to see how it unfolds. Due to Ramadhan celebrations, he postponed the return of the show, saying 5 of the contestants are Muslims.

Omondi’s Message

On his Instagram, he wrote;

”As we anticipate and prepare for the return of #WifeMaterial2. (Which was to begin this week and has once again been postponed because of Ramadhan that begins tomorrow. 5 of our contestants are Muslims. The show will officially return and start airing on the 17th of MAY 2021). The Kenyan Entertainment Industry scene has come along way from our founding fathers the likes of Mzee Ojwang (Comedy) and Daudi Kabaka (Music). They say if you dont grow, you die!! When I began my career at Churchill Live in 2008 the scene was totally different.

I could easily get by by simply doing a Luhya joke here and a Kisii joke and describe how Meru’s dance and that was hella funny… Eric Omondi is still here today after 13 years and still top of his game because he has kept GROWING, RE BRANDING and RE INVENTING over the years…

 We must not only captivate Tanzania and Uganda but we must capture Nigeria and South Africa. We must get to California and raise the East African flag in Hollywood…” 

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