Eric Omondi reacts to ongoing protests against controversial Finance Bill 2024

Eric Omondi, a prominent critic of the Finance Bill 2024, has been noticeably absent from the ongoing protests against it due to a personal tragedy.

Omondi, who has been a vocal opponent of the bill, is currently mourning the untimely death of his younger brother, Fred Omondi. Fred lost his life in a motorcycle accident involving a speeding matatu. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Mama Lucy Hospital.


Eric Omondi Speaks Out on the Tragic Death of His Younger Brother, Fred Omondi

In light of this tragedy, Eric Omondi has been preoccupied with funeral arrangements for his brother, which explains his absence from the protests.

Despite his personal loss, on June 20, Eric Omondi shared a message of solidarity with the protesters. In a brief post, he wrote:

“Tuko Pamoja. Go Soldiers. Wacha nimalize nikam.”

Fans have responded with support, assuring him that they will continue the fight against the Finance Bill on his behalf. Omondi has been a significant figure in mobilizing opposition to the bill, even being arrested two weeks ago for leading protests with market vendors.


Eric Omondi Arrested For Demonstrating Against Financial Bill

Now, it appears that the younger generation, Gen Z, has taken up the mantle, demanding the changes they believe Kenya deserves.

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