Eunice Omollo, a former NTV reporter, pleads for assistance while grappling with bipolar disorder.

Eunice Omollo, a former health and science reporter for NTV, has made a public plea for financial assistance, revealing her ongoing battle with bipolar disorder.

The renowned journalist, recognized for her insightful coverage of mental health topics, currently finds herself in a challenging situation, grappling with her health alongside the demands of daily life.


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In a video shared widely online on Wednesday night, Omollo tearfully shared her current struggles. She disclosed that she has been living with bipolar disorder for 19 years, a condition that has profoundly affected both her personal and professional life.

Expressing evident distress, Omollo stated her urgent need for hospitalization due to her depressive state, emphasizing the gravity of her situation.

One of the most difficult decisions Omollo has faced was entrusting the care of her young son to her mother to ensure his well-being while she sought necessary medical help.


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Additionally, Omollo revealed that she is facing severe financial hardship. “I cannot afford my medication,” she lamented, highlighting the critical importance of consistent treatment for her condition.

The financial strain has pushed her to the brink of eviction and worsened her depressive episodes, compounded by sleep deprivation exacerbating her mental health challenges.

Furthermore, Omollo has deactivated most of her social media accounts, likely reflecting her current focus on addressing her mental health and the difficulties she is confronting.

Omollo is appealing to the goodwill of Kenyans for assistance in raising funds for her medication. In addition to her health and financial struggles, she is urgently seeking employment opportunities.

She urged the community to consider her for job openings, underscoring her extensive experience and accolades in journalism, including winning the Africa Media Health Network Best TV and Overall Health Reporting AFP Awards in 2021.

Before her health issues took precedence, Omollo was celebrated for her insightful reporting on mental health issues, including her candid sharing of personal struggles during the pandemic, which brought her to the brink of suicide.

Her continued openness about her challenges emphasizes the critical need for awareness and resources for mental health support in Kenya.

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