Everlasting Love! Nameless Shares Rare Throwback Video With Wahu When They Were Still In Campus (Video)

Nameless and Wahu are one of the most sought after celebrity couple. The sweethearts met long ago while still in campus. Their love for music brought them together at a concert; Nameless made his move. They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary in a private ceremony recently. They have two daughters together and they have defied the meaning of ageing.

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Wahu and Nameless-Google

Wahu celebrated her 41st Birthday days ago and her hubby couldn’t keep calm about it. Nameless has shared a rare throwback video of the two bonding while they were still young. He captioned the video;

BT…Eish ????????…Kusema tu ukweli @wahukagwi amekuwa chuuupa tangu hizo enzi..manze kijana alipata sleepless night juu ya huyu mrembo weh???? na hiyo tumbo ilikuwa imenichizisha ????????… Lakini ukiangalia hii video vizuri unaona pia karembo kalikuwa kamingia BOX ya kijana wa campus????.. nilikuwa nimehoreka, lakini game yangu ilikuwa juuuest????…

To see the horekad guy behind the camera itabidii you subscribe to my youtube channel ????????… Let’s just say the struuuugo was real…#TBT1999 #birthdaygal #theJourney

The two sweethearts have professional jobs but their love for music is still undetachable. They recently had separate songs with the same name ‘This Love’. However, they are yet to do a collabo but they recently hinted at doing one. We can’t wait to see how this will unfold. Check out their video;

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