Eyebrows Raised After Edgar Obare’s Instagram Account Goes Missing

Popular blogger Edgar Obare; who is widely known for his unexpected exposés and information leaking, is allegedly facing the tough terms and conditions set by Instagram. The blogger is also infamous for sharing people’s personal information on his Instagram without panic.

His numerous exposés have also caught up with him on a number of occasions; where he gets arrested and released.

His most recent one on the ‘wash wash’ fraud might have just gone overboard; we have reason to believe so since it’s after this that his account is missing.

The ‘wash wash’ scandal involved several celebrities, including politicians, media personalities, police officers, among others.

With their ‘tea master’ gone, his so called ‘students’ are definitely not happy with what’s happening. They tend to feed him with explicit stories backed up by receipts. This has been Edgar’s day to day activity; which has gained him even more popularity.

Edgar Obare had over 400K followers on Instagram; who were always ready to get served hot tea. However, the real cause of the verified account missing is yet to be known. For now, only the pseudos remain.

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