Fena Gitu was asked about Michelle Ntalami’s decision to get saved. Here’s how she responded.

Rapper Fena Gitu has responded to the news that her close friend, Michelle Ntalami, has made a significant life change.

Gitu and Ntalami, who have been friends for some time, garnered attention last year during their joint vacation in Madagascar. The current status of their friendship remains unclear.

In an interview with Sauti TV, Gitu was asked for her reaction to Ntalami’s revelation. She declined to comment, stating, “We are not talking about my friends. My friends are out of bounds.”


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Last year, Gitu addressed and dismissed rumors that she and Ntalami were dating.

“Usually, I don’t do this, but for people I care for, I will… After an honestly magical trip to Madagascar reconnecting with the beautiful @michelle.ntalami, someone I share a deep and yes, complicated history with, the past week back in Nairobi has been one thing after another on the blogs. Can’t even do post-holiday blues in peace. While I understand this life comes with public scrutiny, there has to be limits to what and how ‘journalists’ report things.”

She continued:

“It’s no secret that I hate the sometimes negative attention that goes with it. I like my stuff private, and it will stay that way. But let me clarify this: Mich and I are, as she said in a recent interview, really good long-term friends. As it stands, we are not dating. She did not deny this. Neither did she deny me.”


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“She has been truthful and vocal about her feelings on dating in Kanairo, and I feel the same! Twisting her words or cornering her for silly clickbait headlines or to push a narrative of denial is false. And honestly, an impediment to both of us and our progress. Or is it too complex a concept to understand?”

“Let adults do adult things, and have fun in peace. Tend to your own garden. I understand that the internet is a wild mix, and you can’t control perception unless you own your story. We will define things if and whenever we choose to.

For now, we should all be focusing on 2023 being the year we shut things down. And by God’s grace, we will. You can continue to speculate, but if you see us wildin’, whether with each other or anyone else, mind your business.”

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