After fighting over Huddah Monroe, Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa are on a collision path again because of Michelle Yola

Colonel Mustafa says he doesn’t mind eating Prezzo’s leftovers and he’s not about to back down just yet from his intentions. Knowing all too well what Prezzo is capable of doing, then you don’t be wrong to say the two rappers are on a collision course.

Both Prezzo and Colonel Mustafa have eaten from the same plate before – the two rappers had a fling with Huddah Monroe. Actually Huddah revealed Prezzo was the lucky man who popped her cherry.

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And there was also a time when Prezzo and Mustafa were beefing and Huddah Monroe was said to be the cause of their fight.

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Well, Mustafa has now joined Nairobi Diaries and he’s already causing drama. The controversial rapper caused a stir when he revealed that he won’t mind having a thing with Michelle Yola.

Michelle Yola and Prezzo

“I don’t have any beef with Prezzo, but if he has bile against me then that’s his problem. Kama hawezi chunga bibi then tutamchungia. Prezzo joined the show when his career was flat lining; I’m here and at the top of my game,” Mustafa told Showbuzz.

Michelle Yola and Colonel Mustafa

Prezzo hasn’t responded yet but be sure he won’t take Mustafa’s words lightly – remember Prezzo didn’t want to let go Michelle Yole at the first place.


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