Flaqo’s Aunt Nyakwar Declares She’s Single & Searching As She Offers Relationship Advice

Nyakwar Janeko, aunt to comedian Flaqo Raz, is a rising star on TikTok, known for dispensing relationship advice to women. Despite her expertise, Nyakwar herself is single and actively seeking love.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna on YouTube, the 36-year-old Nyakwar revealed her ideal partner: a man between 40 and 50 who prioritizes peace of mind in a relationship.

“No small boys,” she declared, emphasizing her preference for a mature partner. “I want someone whose wife has already given him trouble, so I can pamper and treat him well. A man who’s heard his fair share of yelling – that’s the kind of man I want to spoil.”

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Financial security is also a factor.

“Someone who comes empty-handed is also a problem for a marriage,” she stated.

Interestingly, Nyakwar isn’t fazed by her outspoken personality.

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“This loud mouth of mine? I know how to keep a man,” she confidently asserted. “Better a loud woman than a silent one who might even kill you, Obinna!”

Nyakwar remains optimistic about her love life, believing she possesses the qualities men seek.

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