The rot inside Nairobi Diaries reality TV show exposed, call made for Ezekiel Mutua to ban the show (Video)

Image: Nairobi Diaries actresses

Controversial details of Kenya’s popular reality TV show Nairobi Diaries have emerged after a recent ugly expose by its former socialites.

The show’s former actress Black Cinderella featured Chacha and Mwarnicky who recently dramatically left the reality show after payment arrears and consistent torment from their ‘evil spirited’ producer Janet Mwaluda.

Nairobi Diaries cast

The three decided to spill the beans on what had been going on behind the scenes in a show they thought would see them get productive and put their talent to work only to be shocked by the kind of dirty work that went on behind the curtains.

According to the girls, Janet was very corrupt, would steal money from their handbags during shoots, pay them peanuts and even sleep with the socialites husbands.

I am very hurt by your actions Janet. I hate you so much! Why are you misusing innocent children? You bring them to your show, drive them crazy, make them look like cheap wh*res, simply because you want money and for your show to fly high. We can’t even pay rent, angrily bashed Chacha.

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Janet allegedly went to the extent of drawing enmity between cast members, spreading all sorts of lies among them and threatening their lives. Chacha declared she was taking this matter before the Court of Law to seek justice.

You are so old yet so cursed. You are barren and very stupid outside there, spoiling young innocent girls  but it shall never be well with you! Pendo came in as a petty thief and left as a cocaine addict. Nobody has left that show better, myself I left the show psychologically tortured, jumped in Black Cinderella.

Mwarnicky accused the female producer for sexually harassing her and making advances on her, promising her more than her man could give her.

You almost raped me and you had not paid me!


The actresses warned young Kenyans looking for business in the show that it was rotten and not worthy the sweat or blood.

Ezekiel Mutua please shut down this Nairobi Diaries show! There is nothing going on there, screamed Mwarnicky.

Chacha closed in;

You are such an animal! You will kill people very soon on that show because of your evil lies. You are selling us to you brothers and rich sponsors as prostitutes. Kenyans please listen, this show is scripted and malicious.

Black Cinderella further accused Janet of killing her dad, sleeping with young boys, her lawyers, production team and even the bouncers. Watch the drama unfold:

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