Former Tahidi High Principal ’Miss Morgan’ opens up about struggle with alcoholism

Back in the day, Tahidi High was the Vioja Mahakamani for the 90’s baby. It was fun, entertaining and above all made High school look like a walk in the park.

However, everything that has a beginning also had an end and after years of airing on Citizen TV; the popular show was cancelled – forcing the actors to find refuge elsewhere.

Tahidi High’s Principal Ms Morgan

However what many didn’t know is that after the cancellation – most of the actors that is OJ, Omosh, Miss Morgan among others were left jobless and depressed.

Principal Miss Morgan

Speaking recently during an interview, Ms Morgan says she walked right into depression; after having to change her lifestyle now that the money she was used to was no where to be found.

Former Tahidi High actors

With stress hitting her from all angles, the lady found solace in alcohol; and that is when her worst nightmare came to life.

I went through depression. and depression can take you to alcohol. Some other people will just hide in the Christian faith. I embraced alcoholism at some point but luckily I had a strong family and friends who noticed what was happening to me,”

Self esteem issues

With alcohol deep in her system, the lady says she let herself go hence the massive weight gain; that led to yet another problem of body insecurities. She went on to say,

When I was down there, I was trying to lose weight. When I lost myself, I started losing self-esteem. You’re getting broke because you’re mismanaging your finances. I knew I could get out, but I didn’t know how.

But through it all, she managed to get back on her feet and is currently making headlines through new TV series.

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