Former TV presenter Kamene Goro shares the age she lost virginity, Being dumped before wedding day 

Former Ebru TV employee recently had an open secession with her fans which she promised to ask anythign they wanted to know.

The former presenter answered many questions ranging from financial, sexual to relationships. One fan wanted to know when Goro, 26, lost her virginity.

“I was 19 lol! No, i do not talk to him. I do not talk to any of my ex’s. Principles,” she replied to the unexpected question. “Honestly, i rebounded beautifully. I am such a strong believer in aggressive progress. If its time to move, start moving.”

No clue why wedding was canceled

Another fan wanted to know why her wedding was called off just days before she exchanged vows with her then lover who had proposed.

“Hun personally I would want to know what made you break off your engagement?” asked the lady. 

“I didn’t break it my ex did. I still don’t know why imagine. Lol!”

Also, another fan wanted to know how she spent her first salary which was 30K to Goro confessed she wasted all of it on booze.

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