Frankie Criticized For Saying Personal Trainers Should Know Ovulation Periods Of Their Clients

Fitness instructor Frankie Kiarie ‘JustGymIt’ has provoked a discussion on personal trainers’ understanding of their female clients’ ovulation cycles and other personal matters.

The father of four brought up concerns about boundaries and personal space when he said that personal trainers should know the ovulation dates of their female clients.

These remarks, which were made during an interview on NTV’s “The Trend” program, have generated a range of responses and conversations regarding the significance of maintaining professional boundaries between trainers and their clients.

The distinction between a personal trainer and a fitness teacher is explained by Frankie JustGymit.
Frankie began by outlining the distinctions between personal trainers and fitness instructors.

He said,

“A fitness instructor is just someone employed in a gym to take care of the day-to-day activities like cleaning up and all. If a client comes in, they can show them a few things but they can’t guide them through a certain routine,” he said.

Frankie stressed on the need of a personal trainer possessing a thorough comprehension of their clientele’s lives. He claimed that understanding personal information like as ovulation periods is essential to deliver training that works.

“A personal trainer is invested in who you are, has to know your everyday routine, how work is like, what stresses you, even your ovulation he has to like know all that. It is very crucial,” he said.

However, his statement raised eyebrows, particularly among those who believe that such personal information should remain off-limits to fitness professionals.



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