Frankie Just Gym It is the male African bimbo

Image: Frankie exposed by baby mama, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It is such a sad case because regardless of how much you want to root for him, you cannot help but be disappointed every time he opens his moth in an interview. He is the very definition of people seeming smart and pleasant until they open their mouths.

Corazon Kwamboka replaces Frankie Just Gym with new man says ‘He is amazing’

He recently gave an interview in which he spoke about his two baby mothers and the fact that they do not have father figures in their lives and this is something that affected their relationships.

However, the only thing he managed to do was to expose the fact that he is not the type of man who you would want leading your sister in a relationship nor the type of man you’d bet on leading a happy, successful relationship. Frankie Just Gym It is the literal embodiment of an African bimbo.

Weeeuh! Maureen Waititu reacts to Frankie Just Gym It’s interview about her having daddy issues

The first thing he needs to learn to do is to STFU! No really, he needs to learn to be silent and keep his counsel confined to whatever barren desert lays between his ears. Why would you want to bring up personal issues you might have with your baby mamas on a podcast/ interview that you’re not going to earn from? There is no upside here.

Why would he choose to speak about his failed relationships and place the blame at the feet of both women? Even if they’re crazy, he selected them to bear his children so the blame is entirely on his shoulders. So he should STFU!

Corazon Kwamboka accuses ex Frankie Just Gym It of being delusional

It’s crazy to me for someone to expect us to care about his issues when he clearly has done nothing to address the underlying common denominator in them -himself. Yet he is expecting sympathy from us? Ayo, Frankie, just gym it and STFU!

Frankie shared family photo, unveils daughters face

Stop addressing your familial issues publicly. You selected Corazon Kwamboka, a woman whose own father revealed her to be a high-class escort. that is why your relationship should have been left out of our collective consciousness as Kenyans. You chose her even though she had all her own red flags.

Why Frankie would obviously reconcile with Corazon instead of Maureen Waititu

Only a fool would think that bragging about his ability to get back with a woman he reportedly humiliated will serve his purpose. Nah fam, you need to learn that the one thing women never forgive is publicly being scorned. Someone needs to school you on how to STFU.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

And ultimately, he is proof that you can be a proper Wafula Thundercock: tall, handsome and built like an Australian outhouse but if you lack common sense, all that amounts to naught. You’re just an African bimbo. And the first step in getting smarter is to pursue it from men wiser than you and from books.

The best thing a man can do for his children is to love and respect their mother. If things get out of hand, respectfully walk away and leave the door open for your children to seek you out later in life.

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