Gachagua praises Ivy Chelimo for coming up with the term “Riggy G.”

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua made a significant contribution of Sh1 million to Murang’a University students, marking the pinnacle of his eventful visit to the county on March 20.

During a well-attended public lecture characterized by eloquence, wit, and humor, Mr. Gachagua took a moment to introduce Ivy Chelimo, the ingenious individual who bestowed upon him his stage name, Riggy G.

Acknowledging the challenge many faced in pronouncing his full name, Rigathi Gachagua, the Deputy President praised Chelimo for her creativity in simplifying it.

“She found my name a bit of a mouthful and gave me quite a hard time pronouncing it,” he quipped. “But she liked me, admired my straightforwardness, and decided to come up with something simpler and more relatable.”

Inviting Chelimo to the stage amid applause, Mr. Gachagua announced that he had enlisted her in his communications department, praising her for her youthful energy and creativity.

He jovially teased the audience about Chelimo’s popularity, even offering her contact number to the intrigued onlookers.

Turning more serious, Mr. Gachagua revealed that Chelimo is a law graduate from the Catholic University of East Africa, emphasizing his commitment to empowering young talent.

He recounted how he had tasked his sons to locate Chelimo to express his gratitude and even invited her for dinner as a gesture of appreciation for her contribution in crafting his stage persona, Riggy G.

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