Georgina Njenga Called Out For Wearing Fake Designer Outfit- She Responds (Photo)

Kenyan digital content creator Georgina Njenga was recently called out by netizens for wearing a fake designer outfit. She had posted photos of herself on social media, rocking a two-piece set that closely resembled a Calvin Klein design, but with the name “Calni Kean” instead.

Netizens were quick to notice the counterfeit attire and began trolling Njenga, forcing her to limit the comment section on her posts and respond to the backlash.

In her response, Njenga claimed that there is a brand called Calni Kean and that she was not wearing a counterfeit product. However, netizens were not convinced, as they were unable to find any evidence of such a brand online.

She reponded by saying;

“First of all there is a brand called Calni Kean, so mniache (you all leave me alone)” wrote Georgina

It is likely that Njenga was simply trying to save face, as it is clear that she was wearing a fake Calvin Klein outfit. It is also important to note that even if there is a brand called Calni Kean, it is still unethical to wear counterfeit designer goods.

Counterfeiting is a serious issue that harms the fashion industry and consumers alike. It is important to support authentic brands and to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods.

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