“Get up and work,” Vera Sidika advises Gen Z

Vera Sidika was infuriated by a fan suggesting that older celebrities should step aside to make room for the younger generation.

“These aging celebrities should rest now, next gen,” wrote the social media user.


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An angry Sidika responded:

“Why do people think others rested so we could get space in the industry? Nobody will leave space for anybody. You push your way in.”

She criticized Gen Z for their complaints:


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“Gen Z is always complaining, claiming ‘they’re too old now they need to rest.’ Rest for who? Should we turn down deals and money because of Gen Z? Nobody is saying Gen Z shouldn’t succeed. But did anyone rest for us to become successful? Nope. Nobody is stopping anyone from making it. There’s enough money for everyone.”

“Instead of working, you all want to sit and wait for people to create spaces for you to walk in stress-free.”

She advised that such a mentality is destined to fail:

“These streets aren’t for the weak. It’s hard work that separates people, and nobody should ever need to rest to accommodate anyone.”

“Get up and work. Success waits for nobody. Stop this narrative.”

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