“Girls are whoring to make cash coz they under pressure from parents” Huddah Monroe reveals how her mom raised her differently

Huddah Monroe blames societal problems like prostitution on the way African parents are raising their children. The socialite says African parents always expect not caring where the money comes from.

Huddah states that most African mothers advise their daughters to marry rich men because of their own selfish reasons. She says most young girls between age 16-18 are whoring because they are under pressure to help their families.

The petite socialite sensationally claims that being born in African family is like slavery. She says African children are born so that they can slave for their families for the rest of their lives.

My mom is different

Huddah praises her mother for subscribing to a different school of thought contrary to typical African mothers. She says her mom always told her that she deserve the best in life.

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