Good genes! Michelle Yola unveils her beautiful daughter’s face unknowingly (Photos)

Michelle Yola who was part of Nairobi Diaries has been keeping a low profile. This is after she got married to her French husband about 3 years ago abandoning her a party animal and socialite lifestyle; which she traded for a simple life of a mother and wife!

Judging from how happy Michelle appears; it’s obvious to see that she made the right decision by changing for the better. Just a while ago the lady went on a live session while carrying her second born daughter.

And to our surprise Michelle – fortunately ended up revealing her adorable face that has left many asking for more photos. Judging from the few screenshots we managed to get; Ghafla can confirm that Michelle Yola’s baby looks everything like her mother.

The little one may be mixed due to her father’s caucasian genes; but in terms of looks Michelle Yola’s genes played the bigger role.

Ex lovers, Yola and Prezzo

New happy life

For those who remember well, Michelle Yola had a wild life back when she was living in Kenya. Being a celebrity’s girlfriend may have put a lot of pressure on the lady who finally got her breakthrough after years of being in the limelight.

Unlike before, the mother of two seems to have dedicated her life to being a wife and mother to those that matter most in her life. Fans on the live session congratulated her for being an inspiration; and the best example to prove that anything is possible.

Michelle Yola and Risper Faith who former casts of Nairobi Diaries are the only ladies whose lives became better after quitting their controversial careers.

Rumor has it that Risper’s husband is a low key millionaire who has been investing well on his smart wife; who is also a hustler like him!

Anyway below are the photos of Yola’s adorable baby!

Yola with daughter
Yola’s baby


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