Grace Ekirapa & Pascal Tokodi Marriage Reportedly In Shambles, Couple Offers Cryptic Responses

Image: Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa out on a picnic date

Media personalities Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi find themselves navigating swirling rumours of a potential split. An anonymous source claimed to a local news website that the couple, married since December 2022, have been living separately since November 2023.

When contacted for comment, Tokodi offered a brief and somewhat ambiguous response: “We are actually doing okay. But thanks for asking.” He further insisted, “If you call Grace she will give you the same answer. We are okay.”

Ekirapa, however, opted for a more guarded approach. Caught off guard by the inquiry, she stated, “This phone call has caught me by surprise.” Regarding the specifics of their relationship status, she declared, “I don’t think that is not something I would want to talk about with someone from outside.”

While social media snaps from Christmas showcase the couple seemingly together, a noticeable shift has been observed on Tokodi’s social media. Unlike his previous habit of frequently showcasing his wife, recent posts rarely feature Ekirapa.

This lack of online presence alongside cryptic responses has fueled speculation among Kenyan social media users, with reactions ranging from concern to playful memes.

With both Ekirapa and Tokodi choosing to keep their private lives private, the true state of their marriage remains shrouded in a veil of uncertainty. Only time will tell if these rumours are mere whispers or a hint of something more substantial.

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