Guardian Angel reveals the millions he spent on his luxurious home recording studio

From the moment Esther Musila first heard Guardian Angel’s song, she recognized his vision.

“Now you can see how he’s shining,” she remarked, showing off his latest white suit at their Karen home.


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Guardian Angel runs a record label based in Karen. The studio, named 7 Heaven Music Studio, is his pride and joy and represents a significant upgrade from his previous setup.

In a video on the label’s YouTube channel, Guardian Angel described his journey from recording in a bedroom studio in Athi River to now owning a fully-fledged studio.

While he coyly admitted the setup cost millions, he was reluctant to disclose the exact amount.


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“Bro, I can’t say. I don’t like talking about money. Is 5 million a figure to start telling people I spent? I can’t discuss money matters,” he said, shaking his hand.

The walls of his home studio are lined with a hall of fame, featuring pictures from his career.

Guardian Angel emphasized that the environment in which you record significantly impacts the final track or record.

Explaining why he chose Karen, the singer said, “Because of who I am and the kind of audience I want to appeal to, I’ve become a person of high standards. I also feel there is a certain value here.”

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