Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila explains what makes a woman happy, and it’s not money!

I know of you women out their base your happiness on money, I mean who doesn’t? However turns out that the like of Esther Musila don’t find happiness in materialistic items like cash; but they find it in loving themselves wholly and truly.

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The new bride in town revealed this through a detailed post where she talked about qualities of women who understand what happiness means. Through her gram, Esther Musila wrote;

The happiest women today are not the married ones. They’re not the single ones. They’re not the ones with stable careers and good incomes.

Having married a man, Guardian Angel who is about 20 years younger than her, Musila went on to add;

Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

The happiest women are the ones who made a choice to love themselves wholly and truly. Women who chose to leave the past behind, worked on their self-esteem and put a high price tag on their self-esteem.

Find true happiness and move on

Well, although we have no details of her previous marriage – I don’t know why it feels like she may have been describing herself on the post now that she finally found someone to share her forever with.

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They stopped playing victims. They stopped whining in self-pity and dining in pity parties. They moved past their anger, tears and bitterness. They realized that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. They chose to be defined by their present, but not their bitter pasts.

And in conclusion, Esther Musila told her fans that;

They are happy because they don’t need validation from anyone. They are happy because they know that they don’t need to throw shade on anyone for them to shine. They are happy because they chose to be Queens ????✌✌To the ladies in the house………..

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