Gwaash has dropped a new jam dubbed ‘Dryspell’ alongside Cardiac and it’s a banger (Video)

Image: Gwaash

Fat Boy Gwaash has teamed up with an upcoming singer who’s known as Cardiac on his latest jam and we really love it. No kidding.

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The song titled Dryspell talks about what happens when a person, especially a man, does not have sex for a long time due to one reason or the other. (I was explaining to the prudes because I know you all know what it means).

Anyway, although it’s the first time I’ve listened to a song by Caridac, I was not disappointed at all. He has some good punchlines. Like, really. I would listen to him all day.


He just doesn’t focus on rhyming words, as you are listening to him, you’ll realize that there’s a lot of of thought that went into his would never mind the fact that he’s just singing about sex.

As expected, Gwaash also came through with some mad flow on this jam.  He repped his hood, Kariobangi South, so well.

His verse goes like, “Naunguza kila siku kwa bar-esa wanadhani namada pesa wanadhani namada hela but jioni niko mboka kutesa nitatesa jo kuteka ntateka jo wakoba tutafyeka kila siku kujibamba acha hizo buda boss naskia mkoba wangu analia ako dry acha hizo bana jo form za urazi hatudai form za ujinga hatudai niko kwenye keja jo tunakata.”

The video was also good, especially the scenes that have some endowed vixens twerking their derrieres like there’s no tomorrow. You guy!

I also loved the beat, it gives you this feeling of FOMO. However, for one reason or the other, I could not picture guys dancing to this song in a club or anywhere else. Maybe it’s just me.

Listen to Dryspell below and tell us what you think.

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